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Our Board of Directors

Dr. Diana Severance

Position: President 

Director/Curator , Dunham Bible Museum, Houston, Texas

Ph.D., Rice University (ancient history)

Author: Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History
(Fearn, Scotland: Christian Focus Publishers, 2011, 355 pp.)

Diana Severance is the Director of the Dunham Bible Museum at Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas. She received her Ph.D. from Rice University in ancient history and worked for the Klein Independent School District for twenty-five years as a history instructor and developer of the Klein Museum and Wunderlich Farm, winning numerous awards for work in both fields. Diana has also taught history at LeTourneau University and several seminaries. She has been a consultant for Christian History Institute for many of their film projects, also writing study guides and supplementary materials on Christian history for churches. Diana is the author of the following books: Against the Gates of Hell: A Christian Missionary in a Moslem World (co-authored with her husband Gordon and published by Wipf and Stock); A Cord of Three Strands: Three Centuries of Christian Love Letters; Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History; Her-Story: 366 Devotions from 21 Centuries of the Christian Church (Christian Focus Publishers).

Curt Johnson

Position: Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Board

Curt Johnson is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He is very active in church activities and Bible studies at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Among his long list of accomplishments, Curt was Chairman of the Board of the Footwear Industries of America, and was Vice Chairman of the Board of the Brown Shoe Company, Canada, a member company of Brown Shoe Co., the largest shoe company in the country at the time. He served on the advisory committees to both the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Commission for 12 years. Other Boards on which he has served include Missouri Baptist University (8 years), Missouri Baptist Hospital (12 years), Drury University (12 years), and the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce (8 years). He was a member of Rotary International, the Arkansas Cattleman’s Association and the Beefmaster Breeders United Association.

Larry Zielke

Position: Vice-President and Secretary 
Tel: 951-750-4777

A native of Ohio, Larry attended the University of Cincinnati before being called for over twenty years to Christian mission work in North Africa, Europe & Latin America. Although he had no previous experience in the field of media, his abilities as an administrator eventually led him to assist in various animated Christian productions. The reactions from many viewers around the globe helped Larry realize the great potential of using Christian media in a relevant way. Soon he became a part of Herald Entertainment, Inc., a company dedicated to animation, documentaries and book illustrations. To date he helps manage Herald Entertainment’s Texas office, overseeing distribution, business & legal matters. Having lived in a number of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and having seen firsthand the spiritual and physical needs of these populations, Larry’s vision for Media4Kids International is to use Christian media to educate children with the transforming message of Christ.

Bradley Taylor

David Murphy

Position: Chairman of the Board

David Murphy is an Associate Attorney at Bibby, McWilliams & Kearney, PLLC, focusing on commercial transactions and negotiations, business organizations, and property law. His legal experience includes work related to natural gas pipelines, liquid natural gas terminating facilities Federal and State regulatory and compliance concerns, commercial agreements and business development. Prior to entering the legal profession, David had over fifteen years experience in real estate, working with land owners and municipal governments and managing the financial and operational concerns of regional lending companies. David is happily married to Miesa, his wife of twelve years. The couple has two children, Eli and Sophia, who keep their parents on their toes and laughing. David is scout leader of Eli’s Scout Pack. David and Miesa enjoy difficult discussions with their children regarding current events and the normal pangs of growing up, as it allows them an opportunity to relate lessons from the Bible to everyday events and troubles that we all face. David believes properly raising and nurturing his two children is his most important job. The Murphys are members of Woodlands United Methodist Church.