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Our Mission

Media4Kids is a non-profit organization providing children with media beneficial to their Christian education and well-being.

By means of print and audio –visual media, M4K is determined to provide orphanages, hospitals and underprivileged children and their caretakers with educational resources helpful to their mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Statement of Faith

Commitment to our goals is based upon our Christian faith and the example set forth by Christ Himself, who in His own words, “came to serve and not to be served.” (Matthew 20:28)

Therefore we stand upon the following tenants of our faith and believe :

  • That the Bible is the reliable and authoritative Word of God. On it we base our faith and by it we guide our actions. Our goal is to provide children with a strong Biblical foundation profitable for any stage of their lives. (Joshua 1:8)
  • That salvation is by grace, hence the need for a Savior who God provided for us through Jesus Christ. We believe that Christ not only saves our souls but that He is interested in every aspect of our lives. We believe that by nurturing this faith in children, we are preparing them for life’s many challenges. (Matthew 28:20)
  • We believe in doing our utmost to spread the good news of this message to people of all ages by whatever means we can. (Mark 16:15)

[1] Projections by UNICEF,based on 2006 UNICF Report. There are an estimated 250,000 AIDS orphans in the Caribbean countries, and 73,000 AIDS orphans in Central America. (cf. Report for Congress, 1/18/2006 by Mark P. Sullivan, Specialist in Latin American Affairs).

[2] To obtain Bible Stories and other films, Media4Kids would, of course, have to take customary legal steps to ensure that a hospital or orphanage would not sell DVDs to any third party, and if they ceased to use regularly for any reason, they would return them to Media4Kids.