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News From India

Thank you Media4Kids and Dr. Severance for allowing me to bring the ministry videos to Dharmanagar, Tripura in Northeast India. The videos were left with one of the leading families of a tribe called the Ranglong who live on the edge of the jungle in the hills. They have a television to display the movies and distribute the videos to other villages where they are able to watch the stories about missionaries and about Jesus. The Gospel first came to the Ranglong in the early 20th century and now they are about 90% Christian. They are in a transition now to focusing on bringing the Gospel to the other nearby tribes and these stories about great men and women of God were inspiring for them.

The children of the village would gather in the hut to watch movies about Jim Elliot, William Booth, and Jesus. The youth downloaded the videos on their computers which is typically done in India and watched them with their friends. We trained the youth to go deeper into the jungle to start bible studies with unreached tribes and they have been doing that to this day. The videos again are another source of encouragement for their work.


Thank you again for helping the Ranglong.  God bless all of you!
Andrew Adler


Andrew Adler, a student at Houston Baptist University, spent a summer in India working with Emmanuel Ministries in Tenkasi, India (which is in southern India). Emmanuel Ministries (was founded by Sam George in association with M.A. Thomas, founder of Hopegivers International. Their Christian educational ministry through their orphanages has reached thousands of young people.

Currently Sam George has 60 orphans he and his wife have adopted. There also is a school and Bible college associated with the ministry. While Andrew was there this summer, every Sunday evening they had meetings during which they showed the entire Torchlighter series. When the Bible College was in session, the Bible College students attended as well, bringing the viewers some Sundays to around 120. They particularly liked the story of Amy Carmichael, since she worked not far from Tenkasi itself. The stories of the sufferings of Perpetua and Richard Wurmbrand also affected them deeply and encouraged them in their faith, since persecution of Christians is a real occurrence in that region.

The littlest children were captivated by the Cherub Wings videos, and all the young people enjoyed the Jesus He Lived Among Us video as well. One special needs girl, who was 25, was especially moved by the film. During the first part of the film, whenever she saw Jesus in the film, she would get up and dance with delight and excitement. During the Passion and Crucifixion, she began to cry and couldn’t stop crying throughout the rest of the film. When they explained to her that she didn’t need to cry because Jesus was alive, she was thrilled and began dancing again saying “I Love Jesus.”

The films will continue to be used among the orphans in south India for years to come.

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