More About Media 4 Kids

Several years ago the chaplain of a children’s hospital who worked with terminally ill patients was so moved by an animated Christian series he had seen on television that he personally contacted the producer to express his thanks. The animated stories, the chaplain explained, were just what his patients needed, and he wanted to know how he could purchase them. To his surprise, that same evening the vice-president of the production house showed up at the hospital with a box full of their DVD’s and gave it to the chaplain as a donation. If the man had been teary-eyed before, he absolutely melted upon receiving a whole collection of films! Being put to use immediately, the DVD’s brought joy and comfort to the young patients as well as supported the chaplain’s staff with an effective, new way to draw a sick child’s attention to the Bible’s timeless truths.

Interview with Jedd Medefind - President of CAFO

Media 4 Kids’ board of directors were personally acquainted with some of the producers of these films and was impressed by the transforming effect these films had on terminally ill children. As a result, each of our board members was stirred to remember the worldwide need for the same type of material, which we had personally witnessed in orphanages, hospitals, and schools in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.. Worse still, the ravages of AIDS have left a staggering 15 million children without parents in Sub-Sahara Africa. [1] With keen awareness of the desperate world-wide needs of orphans and children hospitalized with life-threatening disease, our directors (even before forming Media4Kids as a charitable corporation) boldly asked the producers a question that called for a soul-searching answer: Would you make all your commercial television Bible story films available to us at near-cost, so we can give them to orphanages, schools, and hospitals that can’t afford to buy them? The producers’ unhesitating answer was a resounding “Yes.” [2] Knowing we could obtain these inspiring films at cost, we were confident of donor funding for such critically needed Christian educational materials, and so proceeded to qualify with the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt charitable corporation so that contributions to Media 4 Kids could be tax deductible..

While there are many good audio-visual programs available on television and in stores, they rarely reach children in great need, such as orphans in both private and state-run institutions worldwide. These centers generally rely on cheap, pirated movies, most of which contain questionable content unsuitable for children . Typically the law in state-run orphanages requires the children to ’age out’ of the institution (sometimes as young as 12) with little preparation or training to face a very difficult world. Their plight has also weighed heavy on our hearts and has helped to inspire the creation of this project. With so much good content readily available, why not make available good material to inspire these children to greater faith and achievement —stories of people who faced insurmountable odds only to discover that God and personal determination could transform their lives and future—stories of hope, stories of personal change, stories of miracles, stories to inspire them with faith to accept God as the parent, which in many cases they never had.

The challenge is real – and by God’s grace we are striving to meet it head on.

[1] Projections by UNICEF,based on 2006 UNICF Report. There are an estimated 250,000 AIDS orphans in the Caribbean countries, and 73,000 AIDS orphans in Central America. (cf. Report for Congress, 1/18/2006 by Mark P. Sullivan, Specialist in Latin American Affairs)..

[2] To obtain Bible Stories and other films, Media4Kids would, of course, have to take customary legal steps to ensure that a hospital or orphanage would not sell DVDs to any third party, and if they ceased to use regularly for any reason, they would return them to Media4Kids.