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Stories Of People Discovering God

Currently, our Media Library consists of about 40 DVDs, and all titles are in both English and Spanish.

While there are many good audio-visual programs available on television and in stores, they rarely reach children in great need, such as orphans in both private and state-run institutions worldwide. These centers generally rely on cheap, pirated movies, most of which contain questionable content unsuitable for children . Typically the law in state-run orphanages requires the children to ’age out’ of the institution (sometimes as young as 12) with little preparation or training to face a very difficult world. Their plight has also weighed heavy on our hearts and has helped to inspire the creation of this project. With so much good content readily available, why not make available good material to inspire these children to greater faith and achievement —stories of people who faced insurmountable odds only to discover that God and personal determination could transform their lives and future.

Currently, our Media Library consists of about 40 DVDs, and all titles are in both English and Spanish. From this, we can put together a Media Library that is age-appropriate to fit the needs of each institution. If you are interested in helping sponsor a Media Library, visit our Donation Page and make a contribution towards this project. More titles are being added as we secure permission for their use.

Institutions that have already benefited from this program include:
  • Emmanuel Ministries in Tenkasi, India
  • Guatemala – Iglesia Evangelica – Pastor Max – “La Verdad y La Vida”
  • Loma Linda Children’s Hospital – Loma Linda, CA
  • Village Schools International – Tanzania, Africa (26 schools in Tanzania)
  • Acton International Ministries, Brazil
  • Buckner International – Family Hope Centers – Honduras, Peru, Kenya
  • Still Creek Ranch, Bryan Texas
  • Clinica Esperanza, Honduras
  • Kampala, Uganda – Joy Primary School.
  • Second Baptist Houston – Haiti – Mexico – India – Kenya – Honduras
  • Lifesong for Orphans – Zambia

Library content: 45 Videos

16 Cherub Wings - 12 Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar - 15 TorchLighters
1 Joseph - 1 Jesus Who Lived Among Us - Coloring books and more!!

Joseph – (8 yrs + Up)

An animated feature on the incredible story of Joseph. The film closely following the Biblical narrative, highlights the amazing power of forgiveness and God’s presence even in the most difficult circumstances.

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The Torchlighters – (8 yrs + Up)

Torchlighters are action-packed, award-winning animated DVDs, featuring real-life faith heroes that kids can depend on. Each DVD features a full-length documentary; four-lesson leader’s guide; complete, reproducible study materials; English and Spanish tracks; subtitles and more.

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Cherub Wings – ( 8 yrs + Under)

It is a variety based Christian animated program that teaches children the importance of the Bible and how to apply it’s principles in their everyday life.

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The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar – ( 9 yrs + Under)

The objective of this animated character education series is to engage children up to the age of 10 with entertaining adventures that help them understand the importance of behaving in accordance with a strong value system.

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Jesus Stories – ( 2 yrs - 8 yrs)

Created to help children apply the lessons found in the parables of Jesus, each 10 minute episode includes a story situation that children today can relate to, a parable, and a thought-provoking way to apply it.

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The Witnesses Trilogy – ( 8 yrs + Up)

The Witnesses Trilogy is a powerful retelling of the Gospels and the Book of Acts in three feature-length, animated movies.

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