The Joseph Film

Based on the powerful Old Testament story, this 90-minute presentation recounts the events of a favored son sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and his journey to becoming second in command of Egypt

The Joseph Film

“It is truly a story of redemption and shows how God can take the broken pieces of a life and put them together in a way that defies all odds, ” said M4KI founder, Gordon Severance. ” It is our sincere prayer that this film will encourage many who find themselves in desperate situations with no hope of a future. Perhaps by watching the film, their faith can be encouraged and strengthened to realize that there is no situation so extreme that God cannot, by His mercy and power, create into something extremely good.”

Dubbed into multiple languages and accompanied by other resources, “Joseph” will be made available to less-developed nations and needy organizations the world over. It combines the talents of animators, artists, musicians and producers around the world.

You can purchase a copy of this inspiring film from Herald Entertainment.

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